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Dec. 31st, 2009

I'm find this quite amusing.
In the past few months the following has happened:
1. I've grown distant from people, and started chatting to people I never thought I would speak to again.
2. Grown up loads, had to.
3. Realised that I don't see myself connect to age that it is something seen by other people. I don't feel my age and have realised I haven't for at least 6-8 months.
4. That I have made the best decision of my life.
5. That FOB went on a break and I couldn't give a...
6. That I lost two of the biggest artists to my (specific) childhood this year; Michael Jackson, (and the one I didn't think I would have been writing his year or any year inthe near future but am) Stephen Gately. Michael was someone who I grew up with my parents listening to. Stephen was someone who I grew up listening to, him and the band he was in helped give me direction in my childhood. But neither of them compare to loosing one of he biggest influences in my life, not only diresctly but also indirectly through my mum. This year I lost my grandad and although I have yet to stop getting watery eyed at the thought of him or mentions of some silly thing he did. I am happy I got the chance to meet him, I know that I am a better person for having grown up with him. However I'm sad that he will not be there in three years to see me graduate from something he was so proud of me doing. I do know however he is watching over me everyday.
7. That my music taste hasn't changed because I always listened to the music I've just come to appreciate it more. Whitney baby. \o/
8. That when it comes to proper shows America really does rule. I mean come on (even though ie liked hem for an age) ER, SPN, Criminal Minds, Star Trek. However I do also love a good dose of soap, mainly hollyoaks and Emmerdale.
9. That bands I "loved" are now either annoying me; boring; or immature.
10. That I haven't really changed much; yes I'm more organised; yes I actually socalize occassionally now; but I'm still me. I still get pissed off when someone coppies me or finds some lthing amazing and instead of giving me credit blames me for their liking it/trying to be me. There is only ever one of me; I can travel through time and space safe in the knowledge that there is only one of me. That I can meet people like me but not completely. I was more grown up and mature than most people my age from a very young age. It's what happens when you not only have parents that say no but also parents that don't run after me constantly.
One extra point this year I grew closer to an amazing person, they are the person I turn to for advice
on matters some people would be confused by. They have helped me understand a small part
of what goes on in my head. But the best part is they told me they saw me as a younger sibling, never havig siblings this meant so much to me. Plus they get excited over shops just because Quinto is in the name.

Thank you...and farewell.
this is my goodbye to you, one day hopefully everyone will live happily together, that is what you always liked.

i will miss you alwaysCollapse )



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